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MIZUNO Mikako / 水野みか子


Aksaray3 / アクサライ3 / akusarai

Birth Y: 1958 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Female

Media Specification: flute, electronics, video

Performer(s): Yi-Hui Lin

First perf.: WOCMAT2018

Duration: 10 min.

Perf. Country: TAIWAN

Instruments: flute, electronics, video

Prog. notes: Aksaray is the name of a beautiful city in Turkey. The city name originally means a white palace which was built in the twelfth century. The old palace remains as a mystic space whose walls seem light-green in the straight sunlight and the sand wind. The music series were composed on the image of the city. The palace is masked by the sand wind and the whole shape is not clear. The palace is actually existing there but the image is not integrated because of the sand wind. People are thinking to see more clearly and want to feel directly the presence of the palace.
In such a situation people feel the slight atmosphere of the presence but can’t get to the actual shape. This evokes the feeling of alienation which will give us the sense of demanding for compensation. In this piece, the scale of the space, in K.Blaukopf terms, is composed with three levels; the dry sound of snare drum about which people don’t know where it comes, flute sound which is produced in front of the people but is modified like the sound in virtual space, and an emotionally designed sound.
Aksaray1(2013) was composed for violin, flute and computer. The performers are in the same place in front of the audience. Aksaray2(2014) was composed for a remote performance for two cities in Japan. The flutist was in Tokyo and the percussionist was in Nagoya. The audience were in Nagoya, so people heard the flute sound in remoteness. After these two pieces, the third one Aksaray3 (2018) was composed for one-place performance with a virtually remote performing place.

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