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MIZUNO Mikako / 水野みか子


Alignment Effect / 整列効果 / Seiretsu Koka

Birth Y: 1958 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Female

Media Specification: 4ch audio file

First perf.: Reims, La Magnifique, Avant guarde

Duration: 9 min.

Perf. Country: FRANCE

Prog. notes: Perception of time and space is depending on the personal memory and experiences. The individual cultural circumstances decide the personal judgments.
Finding our friend's face in the passing scene, imaging the logical story by combining the various kinds of fractional facts or mixing the real direction with the virtual one on the map; these judgments are composed on the perceptional axe which have been formed by the specified experience and memory.
When some real events go off our usual perceptional axe, we keenly conceive the feeling of deviation, and we naturally search for our usual perception circumstance in which we can hold our identity in time and space. So we struggle to seize the very slight chance of assurance of usual perception.
Alignment Effect was originally created for bassoon player and realtime audio-visual system in 2009. The acousmatic version has 4 audio channels which make psychological space.

Editor: m.m