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TANG Joyce Wai-chung / 鄧慧中


Suite for Virtual Double Bass / 虛擬低音大提琴組曲 / xu ni di yin da ti qin zu qu

Birth C: HONG KONG Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Tape

Duration: 30:18

Instruments: Tape

Prog. notes: "I. Floating Dust
II. Tapping Dance I
III. Crisscrossing Lines
IV. Energy
V. Meditating Strokes
VI. Tapping Dance II
VII. Inmost Endeavour
The sonic materials in the seven movements of Suite for Virtual Double Bass are based on the sound samples of a double bass. By using different techniques from recording to sound wave editing, a vast variety of new timbres were achieved, which gave the composer a large palette of sonic colors to ’choreograph’. These sonic materials can be represented as visual lines or body movements which can be perceived as motions in space."

Editor: Ka Lun CHEUNG

Comment: (abstract of thesis)