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TANG Joyce Wai-chung / 鄧慧中


Cympergon / 鈸紙鑼 / ba zhi luo

Birth C: HONG KONG Gender: Female

Dest: Tape

Duration: 12:00

Instruments: Tape

Prog. notes: Cympergon explores the timbral potential of the originally recorded sound samples from the cymbal, paper and gong. The word Cympergon is derived from the names of the three sound sources. These sound sources, used as the sonic seeds, were transformed into some usable “instruments” using computer-assisted tools for sampling and digital sound-wave editing. The polymetric and polyrhythmic patterns, together with the oriental timbres, give this piece a gamelan-like flavor. Since performance elements in a tape composition are not seen easily, it should be noted that in Cympergon, however, the ritualistic energy and dramatic motions of striking, scratching, tearing and rubbing of these instruments are considered as important contributions towards the essence of the character of the piece.

Editor: Ka Lun CHEUNG