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YUASA Jōji / 湯浅譲二


Aoi no ue / 葵の上 / Aoi no ue

Birth Y: 1929 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Tape

Performer(s): Toshio Kanze, Hideo Kanze, Shizuo Kanze (uta)

First perf.: Asia House, New York, USA. December, 1968

Duration: 29:59

Perf. Country: UNITED STATES

Instruments: tape (3 ch, musique concrète)

Setup: Sogetsu Art Center; October 1961

Media: CD

Prog. notes: Ref: No play by Ze-Ami. 'The text is recomposed by me keeping the original words. And it was sung in the style of Noh-chant by three brothers ... This work is composed mainly based on the metamorphosed sound of Noh-chant. The other sound is concrete sound such as bird songs, water drops, glasses, the warped sound of a vibraphone, some generated electronic sound and others. These sound sources are diversely changed, metamorphosed through all the possible electronic techniques at that time, and finally mixed and reconstructed on stereophonic tape. This piece had taken almost half a year to complete, working with the excellent sound engineer Zyunosuke Okuyama at the Sogetsu Art Center.' [Joji Yuasa]

Editor: M.B., Koji Kawasaki, Tamamo Nagai

Phono: CD: Obscure Tape Music of Japan vol.1, Edition Omega-Point, Archive Series OPA-001, 2004

Comment: See: Yasuo Kohno, Hyakuten Museum and Geijutsu Gendai sha ed. 湯浅譲二の世界 (The World of Joji Yuasa), Geijutsu Gendai sha, 2004 Studio set up by Sogetsu Art Center engineer Okuyama Junosuke. See LIEBERMAN Fredric (ed.), 'Contemporary Japanese Music. A Lecture by John Cage'.