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QIN Yi / 秦毅


Air-ergy - Interactive Installation / 气量 — 交互装置

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Installation

Commission: Shanghai Conservatory of Music International Electronic Music Week

Prog. notes: Air-ergy是一个交互装置作品。在一个特定的空间中,将传感设备装在观众身体上,作品的展现是由观众的动作来触发的——将现实世界中人的动能以交互式音效与影像的方式在空间中展现。 ——身体缓慢的转动带来如微风飘过般的视听觉环境; ——身体快速的旋转带来声波高速及大幅度振荡; ——抬起脚,漾起地面的“粒子”,飘浮而上,形成粒子漂浮效果;同时,飘浮高度又决定了计算机生成音响的频率高度 ——观众的走动引发出虚拟“脚步声”,观众在现实世界中的方位也决定了音响的声像位置 ——当观众离去时,这些“能量体”都静静地沉淀下来,附着在这空间的每一个角落,经变形的观众声音隐约出现…… 作品强调人与环境的交互,观众自身的行为将使其沉浸于现实与虚拟交互的视听觉环境中。这是一个从现实物理世界到虚拟信息世界、从虚拟信息世界再反馈到现实物理世界的闭合环状系统。 创意、声音设计;秦毅 交互声音系统:房大磊、唐久强 交互影像系统:非人艺术小组 传感系统构架:陆佳亮 传感系统实现:Quentin Pyanet, 倪超伦 上海音乐学院国际电子音乐周委约作品 Air-ergy is categorized as a work of interactive installations. Making use of a sensing device that is mounted on a human body in a particular space, the demonstration of this work is triggered by the body action of the audience, which means to demonstrate the kinetic energy of a man in real world through interactive sound effect and video in a particular space. -Rotating body slowly brings about a specific audio-visual environment that feels like a drifting breeze. -Rapid rotation of the body generates swift and wide oscillation of sound wave. -Raise foot to activate the “particles” on the ground and make them float up, forming a floating particle effect. The height of the floating in turn determines how high the frequency of the computer-generated sound could be. -The audience’s walking around will trigger a virtual “footstep sound”, while their position in real world also determines the position of computer-generated sound. -When the audience leave these energy bodies begin quietly settling down and will be attached to every corner of this space, meanwhile the deformed human voice of the audience looms. This work emphasizes the interaction between human body and its environment. The audience’s body action will make themselves deeply involved and immersed in an amazing, interactive audio-visual environment of virtual reality. This is a closed loop system that embodies a real physical world which is transited to a virtual information world and then gets feedback from the latter. Concept, Composer: Qin Yi Interactive Music System: Fang Dalei, Tang Jiuqiang Interactive Video System: Non-Perpele Art Group Sensor System Architect: Jia-Liang LU Sensor System realization: Quentin Pyanet and Chao-Lun Ni Commissioned by Shanghai Conservatory of Music International Electronic Music Week

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