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TSENG Yu-Chung / 曾毓忠

Wushien II / 五行 (二)

Birth Y: 1966 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Tape

Setup: Computer Music Studio at National Taipei Teachers College

Prog. notes: Continue the link with French tradition, Wushien(the Chinese five elements) is an acousmatic suite in 6 movements. With the exception of the first movement serving as a prelude to the whole set, each movement¡¦s subtitle is Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth respectively,which also reveal the fundamental quality of sonic material used for each movement.

The work reflects composer¡¦s long-sustained interests in both exploring the possibility of sonic transformation and integrating western with oriental elements in art work. As shown in the work, various western DSP techniques(i.e.,cross, and granular synthesis..etc) and compositional techniques(i.e., organizing, in Varese¡¦s word, and montaging..etc ) were utilized to transform and manipulate sounds with oriental culture reference (i.e.,temple block and monks voices..etc).
Software used for the work includes SoundHack, Metasynth, Hyperprism, Audiomulch and ProtTools. The work was finished at the Computer Music Studio at National Taipei Teachers College on Feb 2003.

Editor: M.B.