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TSENG Yu-chung / 曾毓忠

Moments of Capriccio ii–Extension

Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: mixed music

Performer(s): Zhong Ruan(中阮): Sze-Ting Huang

Duration: 8:30

Perf. Country: TAIWAN

Context: Music as the art of time, the composer intends to use a
capriccio attitude and to use a Chinese instrument -
Zhong Ruan as sound medium to express moment
changes of sound gestures and tone color while time
evolving. With the aids of modern technology, the main
compositional idea was then extended to a certain level
which beyond the traditional performing idioms of Zhong
Ruan can achieve or reach it.
The overall structural form and creative concept of
"Moments of Capriccio ii-Extension” is close to a so-called
“moment form”(K. Stockhausen, 1963). The length of the
music phrases varies, and the proportion of the passages
does not have certain regularity. Static is sometimes
dynamic close to the concept of yin and yang bipolar
contrast; sections aggregation presents a non-linear
"quasi-mosaic" combination; each section has its own
independent and complete connotation.
In appreciation of Moments of Capriccio ii-Extension, the
composer hopes that the listener can capture or
appreciate the ingenious transformation of the tone color
and posture of the music during the rapidly changing
moment extended by the employment of computer
interactive techniques.
Moments of Capriccio ii-Extension revised from earlier
work "Moments of Capriccio”, is a work for Zhong Ruan
and interactive computer music and will be premiered at

Instruments: Zhong Ruan(中阮)

Editor: ming