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OSAKA Naotoshi / 小坂直敏


Chiekagami / 千重鏡 / Chiekagami

Birth Y: 1953 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Hichiriki and computer

Performer(s): TABUCHI Katsuhiko

First perf.: Media Art Festival at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

Duration: 15:00


Context: SIGMUS (Special Interest Group on MUSic under Information Processing Society of Japan) concert

Instruments: Hichiriki and computer

Prog. notes: A series of pieces entitled various “mirrors” have been composed. As a mirror changes its shape, the image of objects also changes in various ways. In the series, timbre variation by modification of original sound is compared to visual image modification by various types of mirrors. An idea of this piece comes from the visual image given when an object is placed in half-transparent multi-layer mirrors, “Chiekagami” in Japanese. Ray reflection and penetration occur repeatedly, which cause complicated visual scenery. In the piece this visual idea is transformed into that of a hichiriki sound. Hichiriki is a traditional Japanese double reed wood wind instrument. Sound synthesis was done using “Otkinshi” [1], a sound synthesis system which runs on Windows machine. Sound modification functions used mainly here are granular synthesis and sound hybridization. Physical-model-based sound synthesis system, “Sho-So-In” [2] was also used to simulate Sho sound, which is a traditional Japanese mouth organ.
[1] Osaka, N. et al. "The sound synthesis system ‘Otkinshi’: its data structure and graphical user interface," Proc. of ICMC 2002,pp. 188-191, Goeteborg, Sweden, 2002. 9.
[2] Hikichi, T. et al. “Sho-So-In: New Synthesis Method for Addition of Articulations Based on a Sho-type Physical Model,” Proc. of ICMC 2003, Singapore, 2003. 9

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