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OSAKA Naotoshi / 小坂直敏


Circular Similarity for Video and Electroacoustics / 循環相似 / Junkan Sohji

Birth Y: 1953 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Media Specification: Video and sound

First perf.: ACMP (Asia Computer Music Project) 2010: Korea and Japan, at Keimyung University, Daegu, Korea

Duration: 9:30


Production Periods: 2010

Prog. notes: Since 1991 the composer has performed a series of compositions called “Sanzui”, referring to the water radical used in Chinese characters. The series started with “Shizuku no kuzushi (Variation of Water Drops)”. This series aims at the exploration of water sound as timbre and its application to music instrumental sound, the discovery of its musical function, the discovery of musical forms which provide temporal structure, and the application of these musical concepts to video. This multimedia piece is the second such piece, following Wavelet (2007). One of the characteristics of water sound is that if it is time-stretched (corresponds to zoom with images), it can be recognized that various other timbres are embedded. For example, a water drop sound, if time stretched, can emit a castanet sounds and other percussive sounds. This piece emphasizes such characteristics and reveals each embedded timbre sequentially. This process hits the original sound and is repeated circularly. The title expresses the phenomenon of a timbre being transferred one to another circularly, in contrast to self -similarity of fractals. The water sound materials were acquired from recordings. The sound synthesis software Otkinshi and Max/MSP were used as well. The video work was done using the programming language Processing together with recorded video data
Video: Shota Nemoto 根本翔太

Editor: M.B. mod. by N.Osaka (Sep. 17,2012)

Comment: Osaka's Reg No. 30