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LU Minjie / 陆敏捷

Walking Clouds - Comic Song / 行云·漫歌 / Xing Yun Man Ge

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Media Specification: AudioVisual

Duration: 11:30

Perf. Country: CHINA

Setup: Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: 用非传统乐器描写湖光秋色的作品。作者试图表现出诗歌语言中人声所具有的音乐性和声音塑造多变性,结合视频设计,用音乐勾勒出徜徉于湖光春色与蓝天白云的声音画卷。作品工程界面的诗歌《我似行云独自游》的浪漫情怀以及在大自然中寻找人性归宿的理想与作品主题也十分贴切。
A work depicting the autumn colors of the lake with non-traditional instruments. The author attempts to express the musicality and sound-shaping versatility of the human voice in the language of poetry, and combines it with the video design to create a musical sound painting of wandering in the lake and spring colors and the blue sky and white clouds. The romantic sentiment of the poem "I am like a walking cloud wandering alone" and the ideal of finding a home for humanity in nature are also very appropriate to the theme of the work.

Editor: XM