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LU Peiyue / 陆佩玥

Aquatic cubes / 水生立方 / Shui Sheng Li Fang

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: interactive electronic music

Performer(s): LU Peiyue

Duration: 10:00

Perf. Country: CHINA

Setup: University of Oregon

Perf media: flashlight, Processing and Ableton Live

Prog. notes: A cube is a simple, solid, and symmetrical three-dimensional shape; however, when the cube is conceptually combined with the elegance of the movement of water new complexities arise. Aquatic Cubes is a real-time interactive multimedia work for a single compact flashlight, Processing and Ableton Live that consists of both live generated music and visual domain animation. In my composition I work to depict the subjective representation of both the visual and sonic dimensions of water and its movement. The sound sources for this piece were derived from percussion, synthetic sounds, and audio recordings of water. The hybridity of the concrete and abstract sounds combined with visual domain animation strive to unfold my interpretation of the world of water.
立方体通常被描述为棱角分明,简洁对称的形状,而当如此坚固紧凑的形态通过算法的排列组合来再现流水复杂,优雅的流动,也因此生成了一种别样的美感。水生立方是为单个便携式手电筒,Processing及Ableton Live而作的实时交互融合电子音乐作品。作品主要采用色彩追踪的技术,通过摄像头实时捕捉光线位置,将捕捉数据运用到视觉和声音的生成及创作中。作品旨在通过虚实结合的表达方式,从视觉及声音两方面描绘流水的形态之美。

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