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LU Minjie / 陆敏捷

search for traces / 寻迹 / Xun Ji

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Media Specification: AudioVisual

Duration: 9:12

Perf. Country: CHINA

Setup: Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: 此作品灵感来源于敦煌石窟艺术。作者创作此作品即表达了对文化方面的溯源,还表达了对石窟缔造者心灵与精神的“寻迹”。当今电子音乐与各种艺术跨界融合,形成了多元化的电子音乐。此作品运用电子音乐语言进行文化表达,展现了时代的想象力。
This work is inspired by the art of the Dunhuang Caves. The author's creation of this work is an expression of cultural tracing and a "search" for the hearts and spirits of the cave makers. Today's electronic music and various arts have fused across borders to form a diverse electronic music. This work uses the language of electronic music for cultural expression, showing the imagination of the times.

Editor: XM