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WANG Xiaoxuan

The Phoenix Songs II / 凤鸣 / Feng Ming

Birth C: CHINA

Media Specification: Mixed music

Instruments: Suna唢呐

Setup: Central Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: The phoenix is a symbol of good fortune and immortality in traditional Chinese culture. The suona is a wind instrument with a distinctive timbre among Chinese folk instruments.This electronic music piece was composed in 2021, using samples from a high pitched suona recording to imitate the sound of the phoenix, and the sound of wooden instruments colliding with each other to create an atmosphere of changing weather and birds living in the mountains and forests, signifying the harmony between humans and nature, and calling for people to be more aware of environmental protection. At the same time, the electronic music is used to present the characteristics of Chinese folk music and musical instruments, adding a Chinese folk "flavour" to the music and allowing listeners to capture the Chinese sound in it. The creation of the work is inspired by the story of the Siren in
Greek mythology. Siren’s beautiful voice made the sailors who go past the sea are lost themselves, and the ship hit the rocks and sank. The work uses two acoustic instruments, guitar and soprano, combined with premade electronic music to echo each other, telling the story of Siren using her sweet and beautiful singing voice to gradually lead people into an illusion and fall into danger. The pre-made electronic music is designed based on guitar, soprano and aside (extract from the English poem Siren Song by Margaret Atwood), and try to let it blends with the original sound of the instrument.

Editor: XM