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WANG Ting-Yun / 王亭云


Industrial Noise / 噪化

Birth Y: 1984 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Female

Dest: Concerts

Media Specification: Electroacoustic Music

Performer(s): Wang Ting-Yun

First perf.: Winners' Concert of Concours de composition acousmatique petites formes France - Taiwan, Conservatoire de Bordeaux, 29th January 2015

Duration: 6:02

Perf. Country: FRANCE

Context: This acousmatic work was presented in a series of Winners' Concerts organized in France:
2nd & 3rd February 2015, Conservatoire de Reims (Festival de la Semaine du Son) / 6th February 2015, Centre culturel de Taiwan à Paris / 12 February 2015, CRR93 (Iles de France, Saint Denis)

Prog. notes: This piece been composed under materials from recorded mechanical, industrial noise sounds.
The ideal is to create a sensation between illusion and realism by layering ambient sound and noise phrase in different dimensions.
Influence by “musique concrete” and “soundscape” music,  composer uses such sound montage technique to express the spirit of this piece.

Editor: LIAO Lin-Ni