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ZHANG Mingyu

[Quarter, Two-fourths]

Birth C: CHINA

Media Specification: Mixed music

Instruments: violin, guitar sampling

Setup: Shenyang Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: The electronic music "Quarter" for violin and guitar sampling and the
electronic music "Two-fourths" for string quartet are the first
movement and the second movement of suite "Samsara" respectively.
The two movements total 11 minutes and 16 seconds.
Samsara: The movement of energy and matter in the universe in a
cyclic way. The composition of everything is inseparable from the
most basic material composition: molecules. The mutual composition
of molecules constitutes the existence of matter. The existence of
matter has a transformation, which is irregular; Because of the
composition of multicellular rules, it constitutes the existence of
human beings. The existence of human beings is a false cycle relative
to this space, not material expenditure. Then it can be said that things
change in a relative space, not static. In our time arrow, energy is
circulated by the body, but in another time and space where we don't
have a standard of thinking, the change between substances is
uncertain, maybe it is the dispersion of molecules or another
combination of innovation and innovation.
The suite "Samsara" compares every tiny sound material to a
substance composed of multiple molecules, and disperses or
recombines it by means of sound deformation or music development,
thus colliding with the edge of the sound world; Among them, the
Tone block and sequences represent the space-time with thinking
I hope all listeners can give valuable comments on this work!

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