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ZHANG Kewanchen / 张可宛辰

Gemstone / 宝石 / Bao Shi

Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Acousmatic music

Duration: 7:04

Setup: Sichuan conservatory

Prog. notes: 作品灵感来源于宝石。宝石的形成要经历漫长的世纪,原本深藏于砾石、岩层之中,要经历筛选、淘洗、打磨才能呈现绚丽光芒。宝石的形状各异,或有瑕疵,或有绺裂,或散发闪闪色泽。作者以钢琴采样作为主要的声音素材,以噪音化的表达与灵动通透的音色形成反差式的表达,描绘了混杂在泥土沙石的宝石,在抹去尘灰后所透出的璀璨瑰丽。该作品原版是为四声道设计的作品,为了适应EMSAN的环境需求,作者最终提交的版本为立体声版本。
This piece of music was inspired by gemstones. The process of gemstone formation has to go through a long century. They were originally hidden among in gravels and rock formations. They had to undergo screening, washing, and polishing to show their brilliant brilliance. Gemstones all have different characteristics, flaws, cracks, and unique colors. The composer used sound samples from acoustic piano as the main material, contrasted the noise with the smart and transparent tone, depicting the gemstones mixed in the earth and sand, and the brilliance after the dust is wiped off. The original version of this work was designed for four-channel audio. For the requirement of EMSAN Day 2021, the composer submitted stereo version of this piece.

Editor: XM