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DONG Yuchun / 董宇淳

Invitation of wine / 将进酒
[Qiang Jin Jiu]

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Media Specification: Mixed music

Perf. Country: CHINA

Instruments: soprano,folk band and orchestra

Setup: Shenyang Conservatoryof Music

Prog. notes: Do you not see the Yellow River come from the sky,
Rushing into the sea and ne'er come back?
Do you not see the mirrors bright in chambers high
Grieve o'er your snow-white hair though once it was silk-black?
When hopes are won, oh! drink your fill in high delight,
And never leave your wine-cup empty in moonlight!
Heaven has made us talents, we're not made in vain.
A thousand gold coins spent, more will turn up again.
Kill a cow, cook a sheep and let us merry be,
And drink three hundred cupfuls of wine in high glee!
Dear friends of mine,
Cheer up, cheer up!
I invite you to wine.
Do not put down your cup!
"Invitation of wine" is an ancient poetry work written for soprano. The
instrumental music part is composed of folk band and orchestra, and
the structure is A-B-C. The theme of part C is the material evolved
from part A. The introduction, in the form of a chant. The contrast
between ABC seems to be a scene switch between the ancient court
music and the music used for military performance. The progress of
the fragment also shows the prosperity of poetry and songs in the
Tang Dynasty.

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