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DONG Yuanliang; LIU Jiafeng; SUN Mao song

SymphonyNet: Rhapsody of dancing strings

Birth C: CHINA

Media Specification: automatically composed by AI

Perf. Country: CHINA

Setup: Central Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: The rhapsody was automatically composed by SymphonyNet, an AI musician developed by Central Conservatory of Music. The first five measures were composed by Yuanliang Dong, and then the AI musician continued to compose the rest part of the rhapsody. In contrast with the harmony of the other tracks, the high density of tremolo string notes impress us with insanity and craziness, so we named it a "rhapsody of dancing strings”. SymphonyNet was trained with about 46,000 pieces of symphony crawled from Musescore and 700 pieces of classical symphony from Classicism to Romanticism. More detailed description of
our system, including deep learning model architecture and methodology, will be published in our paper (coming soon).

Editor: XM