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ZHANG Yinan / 张懿楠


Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: AudioVisual

Setup: Zhejiang Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: "Rain-ball" is an interactive electroacoustic music work combined with visual
images. The inspiration comes from the author's accidental encounter with
a rainbow. Rainbows are actually scattered sunlight. In the air after rain,
there are many small water droplets that cannot be seen by human eyes.
They are like Mitsubishi mirrors. After part of the sunlight is refracted and
reflected, it constitutes the seven colors of light in the rain curtain.
constitutes a rainbow. The whole work also implements the author's artistic
concept: trying to pull the daily life to the height of art, so that the concepts
of life and art are firmly linked, bound and interacted with each other.

Editor: XM