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CHENG Chien-Wen / 鄭建文


The Journey / 旅程

Birth Y: 1972 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Tape

Duration: 10:13

Prog. notes: The journey of life is like driving - many faces and different sceneries pass by; sometimes we slow down or even stop when we have to or want to; sometimes we try hard to restart and sometimes we enjoy speeding up. In this piece, the idea about such a journey is realized through the soundscape with sound samples taken from engines and horns of cars and motorcycles. These samples are transformed mainly through granular synthesis programmed in Max/MSP and are organized in Adobe Audition. Other synthesis techniques used in this piece include delay, reverb, ring modulation, time-stretch, and spectral editing.

《旅程》雙聲道電子音樂作品,主要取材自汽車、摩托車之引擎聲與喇叭聲,利用數位音訊變形技巧 (如 granular synthesis、ring modulation、time stretch 、convolution 等),配合Max/MSP 的程式設計,將原本的聲音樣本陌生化,製造新的趣味,卻又不失引人聯想的空間,藉以呈現一種在車流中穿梭、或在空曠的路上駕車奔馳的意象。作品名為《旅程》,乃意味人生旅途恰如行車,時而在車流中不得不停滯,時而在快道上不得不飛馳; 車窗外,偶而記下過往的面孔與衣衫的色澤,旋即又忘卻; 至於「速度」,非屬永恆的能力,下車時依然緩行 — 猶如曾經攀爬泅泳於書山學海中所追尋的才慧與超凡,在髮零目眊時,亦須還諸天地,回首之際,眼神依然空茫。

Editor: MB