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CHENG Chien-Wen / 鄭建文


Soundscape in Meditation / 冥想中的音景
[Mingxiang zhong de yin jing]

Birth Y: 1972 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Media Specification: Electronic Music

First perf.: 2014 北京電子音樂節

Duration: 7:00

Perf. Country: TAIWAN

Instruments: Stereo fixed media

Prog. notes: Soundscape in Meditation is intended to explore the possibilities of musical expression through the timbral transformation of tam-tam, gong, cymbal, and chimes. The sound samples of these instruments are used as the main raw materials in this work. The digital processing techniques including granular synthesis, digital sampling, filtering, ring modulation, time stretch, spectral delay, and etc. are used to transform the timbre and to create special rhythm and texture. Based on the aesthetics of musical tension, processed samples are superimposed and arranged to create new soundscape and musical form to present the mystical aura in meditation.

此首作品旨在探索 tam-tam與鑼、鈸、風鈴等的聲響透過電子音樂的聲音變形技術與數位編輯之後,在音樂表達上的可能性。全曲以 tam-tam、鑼、鈸、風鈴等聲響作為原始聲音素材,所使用的數位音訊處理的技術包括粒子化合成、數位取樣技術、濾波器、ring modulation、聲音拉長、頻譜延遲等之處理,將原本的聲音予以變形或改變節奏,並依照音樂張力消長的美學原則,將之堆疊或重組,建構一個新的數位音景與音樂結構,並藉此表現一種冥想中的神秘感受。

Editor: LIAO Lin-Ni, MB

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