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CHENG Chien-Wen / 鄭建文


Southern Mountain Lakes / 南山

Birth Y: 1972 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Dest: mixed music with live electronics

Media Specification: Live electronics

Duration: ca 8'

Instruments: for soprano and Max/MSP


Prog. notes: Southern Mountain Lakes is inspired by the poem "Southern Mountain Lakes" of Hakka poet Liang Tzao in Tang Dynasty. The piece mainly portrays the peacefulness, leisure and totally contented life in the mountains as described in the poem. Different modes of the Pentatonic scale are used in the vocal part mixed with the recitation of the poem. The computer interacts with the live soprano singer by detecting the pitch, note density, and note length to trigger real-time effects including reverberation, looper, granular synthesis, delay, harmonizer, and etc.


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