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WANG Ying / 王颖


Deconstruct reconstruction

Birth Y: 1976 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Performer(s): Berlin Ensemble Piano Percussion

First perf.: May 13, 2015,, Werne-Otto-Saal, Concert Hall Berlin

Duration: 11:00

Perf. Country: GERMANY

Instruments: For Piano, Timpani and Live Electronics with Leap Motion

Prog. notes: "This work was created by a request from the pianist and conductor of the ensemble, Xie Ya-ou. Her wish for me was to create an electroacoustic composition with language elements.

Into this idea deepening I found a process that immediately fascinated me, which I wanted to perfect. Finding and re-inventing the language, the words, the phonemes, which, in their recomposition, are formed in the acoustic space of a personal word-tone relation to musical meaning carriers.

To articulate the material abraded by the tradition, to re-form it, in order to achieve an unused sound language. Like a syllable from "pin-tan," a Chinese opera, torn out of its originality, deformed and embedded in contemporary musical language. Like cultural and homeless emigrants who are compelled to symbiosis in the encounter in the new.

There they encounter subjects of classical music, piano and timpani, which, for their part, are interwoven in the conflict, are so dissolved, striving towards unity.

In this composition, Timpani and piano sequences as well as original "pin-tan" materials are electronically trimmed and edited using various plug-in effects.

The live electronics sound is created after recording with the instrumentalists and then editing with the program Max-MSP, which implies individual peculiarities. In addition, the wireless controller "LEAP MOTION" is used - a movement control of the different sound processing parameters. This new technology gives the musicians beyond their role as instrumentalists the possibility to be inventors, to go objectively or subjectively freely into different parallel rooms and play a role - music there. "

Editor: M.B.