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SUZUKI Kotoka / 鈴木琴香



Birth Y: 1971 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Audio-visual installation

Commission: DAAD

Performer(s): Claudia Rohrmoser, video Thomas Seelig, audio engineer Rainer Kohlberger, video engineer

First perf.: Inventionen Festival, Berlin, Germany (Jan 2005)

Duration: 10:42

Perf. Country: GERMANY


Prog. notes: “Kreisen” is a three dimensional interactive audio-visual installation work which invites participants to explore under the subjective surface of the projected images to discover the hidden world underneath, and there, to awaken, guide, manipulate, compose, and transform the revealed elements of sound/music and images: mirroring the reality of one’s experience in a living world, such as his/her search for deep inner origin, root, and individuality. These conscious and unconscious decisions of the participants’ interactions made by the hand movements in front of the screen influence the music and visual elements as well as the narrative/musical structure of the work.

Editor: M.B.

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