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SHIMAZU Takehito / 嶋津 武仁


Monodie IVa

Birth Y: 1949 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Duration: 17:00

Setup: Les Ateliers UPIC, CEMAMu, Paris

Prog. notes: This piece was composed for a warm, interactive human machine(the computer) and a human being(the percussioninst). The player feels, strokes, scrubs, pats and slaps and beats on various parts of instruments. First he starts with his finger(s) then with both hands and slowly changes into using the drumsticks and mallets. The material of Tape is made by a sampling sound of a voice, but only one cycle of wave form gained from a singing voice of an opera singer. Combining such a wave form and several artificial envelop shapes, one melody(named MONODIE) adapted from a very old traditional song is formed. Growing to heterophony and being modulatedby other pitches of the same melody, the computer which formed the melody sings constantly.
The tape part was realized by the graphic computer music system 'UPIC' at les Ateliers UPIC 1990 in Paris.

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