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TSENG Yu-Chung / 曾毓忠

Metascape ii - the inner-voice of the Chinese Opera Cymbals - for 8 channel electronic music / 形而上音景第2號 - 京鈸的內在音聲(八聲道電子音樂) / Ér shàng yīn jǐng dì 2 hào - jīng bó de nèizài yīn shēng

Birth Y: 1966 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Electroacoustic music

Duration: 08'00

Context: China Premiere at Musicacoustica 2009 festival

Prog. notes: Program notes available in the Musicacoustica 2010 festival program booklet, p.40, 42

Editor: Peng, Shih Ya