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TSENG Yu-Chung / 曾毓忠

As Butterfly Flying Under the Curtain

Birth Y: 1966 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concerts

Media Specification: Electroacoustic Music

Performer(s): Diffused by Tseng Yu-Chung in the series of Winners concerts France - Taiwan

Duration: 9'03

Perf. Country: FRANCE

Prog. notes: The sound source of “…As Butterfly Flying Under the Curtain” was mainly drawn
from the segments of samples from the voice of Taiwanese aboriginal people,
whose primitive, mysterious, and rich tone colours (timbre) have been long
interested composer for years.
Two primal ideas of the composition are: (1). to dig out the “hidden inner sound
colours” of Taiwanese aboriginal people voice, which may be seldom or even
never be heard by people, but they are timbrally interesting or compositionally
potential. (2). to “hide” the original sound source inside the processed/dig out
“inner sound timbres” to achieve a sense of ear-suspension, an psychological
expectation of hearing/listening to the original human sounds. As a result, a
corresponding visual of image or aural illusion/metaphor -- Butterfly Flying Under
the Curtain was created.
This composition reflects composer’s interests in two aspects: (1) to explore the
maximal possibility of sonic/timbral transformation of minimal sound sources (in
the case -- the Taiwanese aboriginal people voice); (2) to “organize” (in E. Varese’s
word) and “micromontage” (in H. Vaggione’s word) the processed micro-timbral 18
change sounds (in C. Roads’s word) with original sound source to create artistic
interests of the work (in the case,--aural illusion of butterfly flying).
The work was created and finished at composer’s computer music studio at
HsinChu in Taiwan on Oct. 25th in 2013.

Editor: LIAO Lin-Ni