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AN Chengbi / 안승필,安承弼


Pattern* / 무늬
[Moo.Nui (Moirés)*]

Birth Y: 1967 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Commission: Radio France

Performer(s): Bruno Pasquier

First perf.: Maison de Radio France, Paris, France, February 1, 2003

Duration: 18:08

Perf. Country: FRANCE

Context: Festival Présences de Radio France

Instruments: Viola solo and live electronic 5.1 multi-channel surround system

Prog. notes: Veining and the interior of things... The veining is beyond the surface. It is not only an external characteristic, but the representation of interior energies. The veining considered as an object, has a poetic function, letting us imagine what the inside might be like.

As in the majority of my works, the philosophical base does not dissociate the physical and the spiritual essence. The outside and the inside of things do not differ basically. The outside is only the representative of the interior, its other side. The Veining of things as an artistic piece, the true object of my research of sounds, is the geometrical way to represent the depth.

Geometrical nature of veining... Like for the arabesque, the dancing Buddhist, used in Korean architecture, is based on the geometrical technique of the multisegmentation of surface.
The iteration of the same figure and its metamorphosis, create together an effect of direction and of order which has the characteristic of the complexity of veining and the semantic transcendence. Beyond poetic description, the research of the veining of things, reaches epistemology.

To see through the sound that things make... You do not search the veining, you find it in the interior resonance.
As the external characteristic and its interior resonance join to be one on the ontological level in space, in the same way the thought and the instrumental material join to become one in the creation of music.

In this work, the composer anticipates the morphological variations operated by the players to see the true resonance of veining.

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