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AN Chengbi / 안승필,安承弼



Birth Y: 1967 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Commission: INA-GRM

Performer(s): Carlos Roque Alsina

First perf.: Maison de Radio France, Paris, France, June 8, 2008

Duration: 11:43

Perf. Country: FRANCE

Instruments: Piano and electronic disposal in 5.1 Channel

Prog. notes: Commissioned by the Institut National de l\'Audiovisual Groupe de Rechearches Musicales INA-GRM 2006 , 11\' 43\"

The basic construction of this piece carries out an abundant oriental vision art: in the centre of the piece, the composer use the sound to create a fantastic space of music, just like the minimalisme art. The tune of the piano and the simple bell ring make the sound like the flowing wind with the consecutive profound electronic elements.
In the dictionary, «Gediao» means the expression of art via harmonious content and structure. On the contrast, «Gediao» tremendouslty blurs the western authorized aesthetics view which be used to identify an art object in the oriental vision art. This becomes a problem about the cognition of “beauty”. As in the Buddisim, realization stands for the understanding of a object has been escalated onto another level of quality.
In this piece, «Gediao» reflects the expectation of the composer, furthermore, it becomes a representative form of art. In the beginning of the piece, we may hear a swift alternative piano sound and the electronic sound, which means the sense of insecurity in the absolute situation ; while in the end, the piece was closed by the percussion to express a unstable status. The fade out of the forte echo likes the endless epilogue, which is interpreted to mean that the pace of the composer to pursue the art of «Gediao» will never be ceased.[François Picard]

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