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Broadcasting of Electronic Music / 電子音楽の放送 / Denshi ongaku no hōsō

Edition: NHK Almanac no. 9 - 1957, pp. 30-33

Date: 1957

Region: JAPAN

Origin: JAPAN

Type of media: Report

Language: Japanese

Editor: Jeremy CORRAL

Comment: Contains the report, aimed at the general public, about the first electronic music pieces (composed by Mayuzumi Toshirō) broadcasted by the NHK in 1955.

In the report is mentioned the nature, the function and the objectives of the new electronic music made in the NHK premises. Besides the fact that the electronic music full possibilities are still to discover, one of the aim, clearly stated, is to develop a local originality, a music that could differ from the German electronic music and the American tape music.