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Completion of an Electronic music studio - And making of an Electronic music piece to be used for the overture ceremony of the Olympic Games / 「電子音楽室」が完成 五輪会式に利用の電子音楽も準備 / Denshi ongaku shitsu ga kansei - Gorin kaishiki ni riyō no denshi ongaku mo junbi

Edition: Shūkan ongaku shinbun 週刊音楽新聞 (Weekly Music Journal), no. 1067, 17 May 1964, p. 7

Date: 1964

Region: JAPAN

Origin: JAPAN

Type of media: Article

Language: Japanese

Editor: Jeremy CORRAL

Comment: Says that from 1954 to 1964, the NHK Electronic music studio was a temporary structure.

About the completion of a real Electronic music studio at NHK in 1964, and the making of a piece to be played during the overture ceremony of the 1964 Olympic Games in Japan.