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YUASA Jōji / 湯浅譲二


Andy Warhol: Re-Reproduction / 映画「アンディ・ウォーホール 複々製」の音楽 / Eiga Andy Warhol fuku fuku sei no ongaku

Birth Y: 1929 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Film music

Media Specification: Tape

Duration: 19:41

Media: CD

Prog. notes: Soundtrack for experimental film-maker Toshio Matsumoto. 'I have been convinced that the role of music for film must be accompaniment for the images. Consequently, the music here is sort of incomplete as independent music. However, I think that this CD is a document of how and what I had tried to explore in the field of film music in the '60s and '70s.' [Joji Yuasa] - 'as the title shows, music also is made through the technique of 're-reproduction'. materials are meaningless words such as interjections and conjunctions and the like, in english. begins with modulated and disrorted words through electronic means and gradually it becomes ro clear words which still are not making sense.' [Liner notes, CD]

Editor: M.B. / Tamamo Nagai

Phono: CD: Obscure Tape Music of Japan vol.7, Edition Omega-Point, Archive Series OPA-007, 2007

Comment: See: Yasuo Kohno, Hyakuten Museum and Geijutsu Gendai sha ed. 湯浅譲二の世界 (The World of Joji Yuasa), Geijutsu Gendai sha, 2004