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TOYAMA Michiko / 外山 道子


Waka, for speaking voice and tape / 和歌 / Waka

Birth Y: 1913-2006 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: tape and narration

Performer(s): Beate Gordon, narrator (director of performing arts at the Asia Society)

Duration: 06:18

Perf. Country: UNITED STATES

Setup: Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, New York (New York). Flute: Nobuo Yoneda (Tokyo University)

Prog. notes: [ed.: This piece is based on waka poems, taken from a 12th century book of poems, "Hyaku-nin Shu". The poems appear in Japanese and English translation in the liner lotes of the Folkways disc. The names of the waka poets are: Yakamochi, Mibu no Tadami, Hitomaro, Fujiwara no Sadaie, Akahito, Lady Horikawa, Lady Murasaki Shikibu, The Prime minister Kintsune.
A scan of the liner notes is available at]

Editor: M.B. / Tamamo Nagai

Phono: Disc Folkways FW8881 (Waka and Other Compositions; contemporary music of Japan based on traditional Japanese themes and poetry. Composed by Michiko Toyama

Comment: In two parts. Durations: Part 1: 02:52. Part 2: 03:24.
Toyama studied electronic music in New York City at Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center.
According to Bob Gluck (article submitted to Computer Music Journal, 2007), Toyoma became a student of the Columbia studio in 1956.