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QIN Yi / 秦毅


Mo and Wu / 墨·舞

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Instruments: For Double dance, Guqin, interactive videos and electronic music

Prog. notes: The sound of Guqin contains abundant overtone and cadence bringing endless audio imagineation. With the help of modern electronic technology, the composer will let this imagination extend to the whole space, the sound wave in which will be drawn back to the musicians, dancers and several acts of interactive videos, by unfolding the vision and visual paint scrolls in the time and space with help of precise interactive video technologies. 古琴声音中所包含的丰富泛音和韵律,常常给人带来无限的听觉想象。借助于现代电子科技、作曲家将这种听觉的想象扩展至整个空间。漂浮于空间的声波,在演奏家、舞蹈家和多幕互动影像间传递闪回,将一幅幅意象的、视觉的画卷通过精确的视频互动技术动态地在时空中徐徐展开

Editor: M.B.


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