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MOROI Makoto / 諸井 誠


A Red Cocoon / ラジオ・ドラマ「赤い繭」の音楽 / Radio dorama Akai Mayu no ongaku

Birth Y: 1930-2013 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Tape

Commission: NHK Electronic Music Studio, Tokyo

First perf.: Broadcast live by the Japan Broadcasting System NHK, 27 October 1960. Performed at Sogetsu Art Center, Tokyo, Japan, 8 December 1960.

Duration: 25:56

Perf. Country: JAPAN

Setup: NHK Electronic Music Studio, Tokyo

Media: CD

Editor: M.B., Koji Kawasaki, Tamamo Nagai

Phono: CD Obscure Tape Music Of Japan Vol.3: Music Drama Akai Mayu, Edition Omega Point Archive Series OPA-003.

Comment: Akai Mayu (A Red Cocoon) is based on the short fiction by Koubou Abe (1924-1993).