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MACHIDA Yoshiaki (Kasyou) / 町田 嘉章


Concerto for sangen (played with Kangen and orchestra)* / 三絃協奏曲(管絃樂附 咸絃獨奏) / Sangen Kyousoukyoku

Birth Y: 1888-1981 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Media Specification: Kangen (amplified sangen), orchestra

Performer(s): Kineya Sakichi (kangen)

First perf.: Peers' Club, Tokyo, Japan. March 9, 1931.

Perf. Country: JAPAN

Editor: Koji Kawasaki M.B., M. Mizuno, Tamamo Nagai

Comment: "originally composed and performed for sangen and orchestra in 1927. But in 1931 the piece was performed with KANGEN(咸絃).
KANGEN is a kind of electric instrument which has a small generator of electricity under the bridge. KANGEN had been invented in 1931." (Note by MIZUNO Mikako, May 24, 2014).