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MAYUZUMI Toshirō / 黛 敏郎


Campanology / ミュージック・コンクレートによる「カンパノロジー」 / Musique concrète ni yoru Campanology

Birth Y: 1929-1997 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Tape

First perf.: "Gendai no nihon ongaku", NHK Radio 2. November 29, 1959.

Duration: 11:00

Perf. Country: JAPAN

Instruments: tape (1 ch.)

Setup: NHK Electronic Music Studio

Reception: Emmanuelle Loubet, 'Beginnings Electronic Music in Japan, with a Focus on the NHK Studio: The 1950s and 1960s', Computer Music Journal 21(4), 1997, p. 16.

Editor: M.B., Koji Kawasaki, Tamamo Nagai