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MAYUZUMI Toshirō / 黛 敏郎


Work XYZ for musique concrète
Les oeuvres pour musique concréte. " X, Y, Z" / ミュージックコンクレートのための作品X,Y,Z
ミュージック・コンクレートのための作品「X・Y・Z」 / Music concrete no tame no sakuhin X,Y,Z

Birth Y: 1929-1997 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Tape

First perf.: Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Japan, November 27, 1953

Duration: 5:20+4:39+3:53

Perf. Country: JAPAN

Context: Tōkyō Summer Festival (Koji: ???)

Setup: JOQR radio, Tōkyō Broadcasting System (Koji: JOQR = Nippon Cultural Broadcasting. Tōkyō Broadcasting System and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting are different companies.)

Editor: M.B.; KAWASAKI Koji edited July 31, 2012

Comment: The piece is composed of 3 pieces: Work for Musique Concrete X: 5'20 Work for Musique Concrete Y: 4'39 Work for Musique Concrete Z: 3'53