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International Lullaby

Birth Y: 1927 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Media Specification: Tape (computer generated music)

Duration: 02:30

Setup: Behavioral Research Laboratory, Bell Telephone Laboratories (BTL), Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA; MUSIC IV G

Prog. notes: This piece uses a compositional algorithm written by Mathews interpolates between two melodies in both pitch and rhythm. In this example the Schubert Cradle song in the key of C is converted to a traditional Japanese Lullaby in a pentatonic scale in seven steps. The first step is pure Schubert and the last step is pure Japanese Lullaby. During the transitional steps a band of noise accompanies the melody.

Editor: M.B.

Comment: FUJIMURA Osamu is a speech scientist. He worked with Max Mathews for a short study, International Lullaby (02:30), in 1966bat the Behavioeal Research Labpratory, Bell Telephone Laboratories (BTL), Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA