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TAN Vu Nhat

Bu'ng (Flicking)

Gender: Male

Dest: concert

First perf.: 2007

Prog. notes: Bu'ng, bu`ng, bung, bu?ng are private names which in Vietnamese have no meaning. Like playing on words my pieces mix my music with sampled and recorded sounds and noise. I've tried to mix everything that I've heard and recorded and put it into my computer so the sounds ran through from one software to the next, sending sounds this away and then getting them back another way. The software I use to mix music and sound are cubase sx, sound forge7, and some fractal free music software. The hardware is a PC computer pentium4 and laptop computer AcerTravelMate 240, with sound recorded by Edirol Wave & Mp3 Recorder R1.

Editor: M.B.

Comment: ADD: c: VIETNAM.
Ref: ACL 2007,