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Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Tape

Duration: 10:00

Prog. notes: Kagula, sacred music and dancing, was originally a ritual. Even today, it is performed as a traditional art in various parts of Japan. I realized this piece as one in which one of the opposite concepts suddenly appears or takes a step backward like an occurrence in a dream, and yet the two concepts form the entirety, holding opposite poles in constant motion like Taichitu (Yin-Yang Symbol). For example, at one pole, there were the lifelike sounds of a Kagula flute, a trumpet shell, the chirping of birds and so forth all artificially created by physical models. At the other pole, there were various sampling sounds processed by digital signal processing. In kagula, ancient people must have expressed joy or bliss in spiritual union
with the divine. It can be said that my attempt has attained if you find in kagula joy or bliss, a feeling most difficult to express and lost today.

Editor: M.B.