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ISHII Maki / 石井 眞木


"Kyo-o", Musik für Klavier (Multi-Piano), Orchster und elektronische Klänge / 「 響応」 マルチ・ピアノ、オーケストラ、電子音響のための音楽

Birth Y: 1936-2003 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Media Specification: Mixed music / pf,multi-pf,orch,tape

Performer(s): Shigenobu Yamaoka (cond.), Aki Takahashi (pf), Maki Ishii (multi-pf), Pro Corde Chamber music (Puro korude Shitsunai gakudan)

First perf.: NHK-FM, November 7, 1968.

Duration: 14:00

Perf. Country: JAPAN

Instruments: music for piano (multipiano), orchestra, and electronic sounds

Setup: NHK Electronic Music Studio

Publisher: Ongaku no Tomo Music Publishing Company

Prog. notes: KYOO was composed in 1968 and won an award at the National Arts Festival. The title, which means 'echoes,' refers to the formal concept of the work: one sound giving rise to a family of sounds which in their turn engender other families, etc. There are various sound sources: piano, brass, percussion, and electronic devices. The instrumental sounds are heard sometimes in their original form and sometimes transformed electronically. The piano in particular is treated in a variety of ways: played normally, played according to the techniques of the 'prepared piano,' and finally amplified and transformed instantaneously through microphones installed inside the frame. [Electronic Panorama 4-LP, Philips Prospective 21e Siècle]

Editor: M.B., Koji Kawasaki, Tamamo Nagai