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LIU Jialin / 刘家麟

Waterphone Island

Birth Y: 1995 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Setup: IRCAM

Prog. notes: For the first edition of Parc instrumental spatial, I designed 3 acoustic architectures which can be seen as giant instruments, they are:

- Spiral Tunnel

- Spheric network

- Waterphone Island
These giant instruments are modelled visually and acoustically by the Modalys 3D. The sound and musical materials flow along the designed trajectories on the architecture, so that it excites an extremely rich and exquisite resonance. These sound can be experienced not only from outside the architecture, but also inside. For example, the player can go through "The Tunnel" of 400 meters. When the tunnel became more and more narrow, the player will experience and spectral glissando by approaching the end of the tunnel. (This work is based on the short novel "Der Tunnel" of Friedrich Dürrenmatt and my live electronic composition Der Tunnel for Cello and Electronics). For the "Spheric Network", many musical elements flows randomly on the network which envelope the main stage of the world. If the visitor moves to another place, the cognition of the space of music will be changed as well, it is the Metaverse version of the Spheric Speaker System (as in Studio 1 at IRCAM, or Klangdom in ZKM). For the spatialisation, there are 80 channels of audio in the difference space of the world, which was the mixing of more than 300 captured audio sources in Modalys.

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