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LU Minjie / 陆敏捷

Do not Go Gentle into that Good Night / 不要温和地走进那个良夜 / Bu Yao Wen He De Zou Jin Na Ge Liang Ye

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Media Specification: AudioVisual

Commission: Earth Day Art Model

Duration: 9:40

Perf. Country: CHINA

Setup: Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: 这是一首为本届“地球计划”音乐会而创作的电子音乐。作者是电影《星际穿越》的热爱者,影片中摘取的狄兰·托马斯十九行诗《不要温和地走过那个良夜》(Do not Go Gentle into that Good Night),诗格律严谨,蕴含了复沓之美,折射出人类在遭遇危机而展开壮烈探索中对生命价值的感悟与浓烈的人性。作品主要以这首十九行诗与歌诗风铃采样为基础,通过大量的声音处理技术和电子音乐语言表现出音色织体写作的思维。作者试图以蛮荒宇宙的角度,表达在危机面前人类的伟大勇气和不屈抗争,对于赖以生存的“地球村”,作为“人类命运共同体”的我们在文明发展进程中应该保持一种敬畏与反思。
This is a piece of electronic music composed for this year's Earth Project concert. The author is a lover of the movie "Star Trek", and the nineteen-line poem "Do not Go Gentle into that Good Night" by Dylan Thomas is a poem with a strict metre, containing the beauty of repetition, reflecting the human being's sense of the value of life and the strong humanity in the heroic exploration of the crisis. The work is mainly based on the nineteen-line poem and the song-poem wind chime sample, and expresses the thinking of timbral weaving writing through a lot of sound processing techniques and electronic music language. The author tries to express the great courage and unyielding resistance of human beings in front of the crisis from the perspective of the barbaric universe, and to maintain a kind of reverence and reflection on the "global village" on which we live, as a "community of human destiny" in the process of civilization development.

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