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GOTO Suguru / 後藤英

Cymatics (2012)

Birth Y: 1966 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Media Specification: Kinetic sculpture

Prog. notes: Cymatics is a kinetic sound sculpture that expresses the artist's vision of nature, harmonising a series of symbolic elements in a technological context. Sound waves act on substances such as water and non-newtonian fluid, moving them to create balanced environments.

Water is used like a canvas on which a highly technological system designs and creates geometrical shapes through sound sequences generated by the artist.
The non-newtonian fluid takes on different shapes in response to different musical frequencies, in a continuous shifting between solid and liquid states.

The Torino Chamber of Commerce shares the vision of Piemonte Share in promoting a new approach to culture, where art is released from galleries and museums, and opened up to the local territory and business community.

The second project selected for the Action Sharing platform is Cymatics by Suguru Goto.

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