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KANG Ji Youn / 강지윤

Space speaks, Are you listening?

Birth Y: 1977 Birth C: KOREA (South) Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Live Electronics

Instruments: 4 microphones and 24 loudspeakers

Prog. notes: The title borrowed from the title of book 'Spaces speak, Are you listening?' by by Barry Blesser, Linda-Ruth Salter. The piece was performed at the last Azimuth concert at iii workplace after 2 weeks of the residency that Stichting iii offered in October. Using the room resonances of the space as the main material, picking them up using two microphones attached in my wrists + 2 other mics in the hall and continuously stabilized audio feedback coming out of 16 loudspeakers and 8 wooden panels with transducers that reinforces the incoming signal by the movements of sounds. Another challenge was not to use any controller/sensors, -indeed the least equipment I used in any live performance- and be able to conduct the space as if I am conducting a choir and eventually let the space speak/sing/shout by itself. The piece was supported by Stichting iii.

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