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HSIUNG Jen-Yueh / 熊仁岳

Firefly / 螢

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Media Specification: Mixed music

Performer(s): Flute: ZHENG Qisheng

Duration: 6:30

Perf. Country: CHINA

Instruments: Flute

Setup: National Taiwan University of Arts

Prog. notes: Flute solo and electronic “firefly”, designed to trace the traces of fireflies, with flute solo and electronic tracking and answering, depicting the subtle radiance of the dark scene, and even the gloried light in the local climax, and ending at the music It tends to be calm, ending with a long gradual change to the disappearance of the air, indicating the gloom of the short-lived brilliance.

From the gradual change of the aeroacoustic to the real sound, the gradient of the gas shock amplitude is dominant, and the jump pattern connected to the upward direction becomes a feature of the melody, and describes the position of the fire point, which is matched with a short sounding note with a long sound. As the main motivation, the picth-set (0,1,6) is used as the material source of the sound, and emphasizes the four-degree interval derived from the sound class, combined with the combination of motivation materials, value-added, impaired, and strong. The gradual expression of the expression is the development of the technique; and the density of the notes is the main driving force for the tension of the music.

由气声到实音的渐变、气震音幅度的渐变為主,连接上行的跳进型态成為旋律上的特色,也借此描写火光点点之姿,其以长音搭配短促的断奏音符为主要动机,由音类(0, 1, 6)作为用音的素材来源,并强调由音类衍生而来的增四度音程,搭配动机材料的组合、增值、减值,加上突强渐强之表情姿态为发展手法;并以音符的密度渐变为乐曲张力铺陈的主要推进力。

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