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Chu-Huan LO / 罗珠环

Nothingness / 虚无
[Xu Wu]

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Media Specification: Mixed music

Performer(s): Flute: FENG Junshan (Central Conservatory of Music) Violin: WU Xiusen (Central Conservatory of Music) Cello: LI Wenyuan (Central Conservatory of Music) Piano: GUO Haimeng (Central Conservatory of Music)

Duration: 10:52

Perf. Country: CHINA

Instruments: Flute,Violin,Cello,Piano

Setup: National Taipei University of Education

Prog. notes: “Nothingness” in brief:
“Nothingness” for flute, violin, cello, piano and electronic music is playing from one of William Shakespeare’s four tragedies, King Lear, which depicts King Lear assigning his estate to two flattering daughters. As a result, there are many sad and terrible events, including the death of Lear and his three daughters, who kill each other or is killed. The tragic consequences of mad King Lear have formed an empty situation in the end of life.

The sound samples of these instruments are used as the main raw materials in this work. The digital processing techniques including granular synthesis, digital sampling, filtering, ring modulation, time stretch, spectral delay, and etc. are used to transform the timbre and to create special rhythm and texture. Based on the aesthetics of musical tension, processed samples are superimposed and arranged to create new soundscape and musical form to present a sad and regretful auditory feeling.
作品灵感来自莎士比亚四大悲剧之一《李尔王》的故事 ,

全曲以长笛、小提琴、大提琴、钢琴等声响作為原始声音素材,所使用的数位音讯处理的技术包括粒子化合成、数位取样技术、滤波器、ring modulation、声音拉长、频谱延迟等之处理,将原本的声 音予以变形或改变节奏,并依照音乐张力消长的美学原则,将之堆 叠或重组,建构一个新的数位音景与音乐构,并藉此表现一种哀伤和后悔懊恼的听觉感受。

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