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GUAN Liqiong / 关丽琼

Memory of the Tarim River / 塔里木河的记忆
[Ta Li Mu He De Ji Yi]

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Performer(s): Mihrigul (Sattar)

Duration: 10:00

Perf. Country: CHINA

Instruments: Sattar

Setup: Xinjiang Arts University

Prog. notes: This work takes the history of Tarim River Basin in Xinjiang as the background, and takes the unique Sattar Qin of Uygur nationality as the main musical instrument. Its melancholy and moving tone, together with electronic music, constitutes a deep dialogue in the soul. The work mainly uses GRM-tools, Audition and other software to transform the sound sampling, through the presentation of six paragraphs, praised the working people’s courageous and optimistic spirit.

Editor: XM